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Roots, Boosts & Supplements
Protein Boosts
Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry spirutein
Green tea matcha (energy, anti-oxidants)
Organic Vegan Raw protein

Zero carb protein

Green tea (appetite control, uplifting)
St. John’s Wort (uplifting, natural anti-depressant)
Moringa (high concentration in protein and vitamins)
Super greens combo (Probiotic cultured multigreens)
Vitamin C (for immunity)
Spirulina (anti-oxidant, anti-viral, for brain & heart)
Gotu Kola (for joints and connective tissue, coughs & high blood pressure)
Lecithin (for memory loss, depression)
Bee pollen (Enzymes & concen. vitamins & minerals)
Gingko Biloba (lung fortifier, enhances memory)
Echinacea & goldenseal and vitamin c (cold and flu)
Raw Cacao/Nibs (for relaxing tight muscles, muscle strain, uplifting mood)
Flaxseed (fiber, high in omega 3)
Goji Berry (a potent nutrition powerhouse)
Maca Root (aphrodisiac, regulates hormones)
Ginger (anti-viral, alkalizer)
Parsley (a tonic for releasing toxins)
Mint (combats bad breathe, unblocks airways)
Garlic (anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cold & flu)
Chia Seed (dense in fiber, fatty acids & iron)
Wheatgrass (weight management, for hair, skin, acid reflux, blood pressure…)