“Yes I did enjoy the zumba class on saturday, I can’t wait to try the other class to see what they are about as wwell, Thank you” -Pamela N. 3/2013

“Yes, I really enjoyed the class. It was so much fun. I will be back.” -Andrea W.

“hi grace! it was a great class. thanks so much! “Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is a supreme creative act.”- Ram Das” -Trish 3/2012

Hi Move WIth Grace Staff, I did enjoy my class yesterday! Thank you ! -Julie L. 2/2012

“Thank you and I loved the class, it was great! I definitely want to try out the Pilates class…” – Katie 12/2011

“Good Morning, I would like to share that it was a very pleasant experience in class yesterday, I left the studio with a positive vibe that I was able to reflect on though out my day, this is to me what its all about, thank you so much and I look forward to a rewarding future with Move With GRACE STUDIO.” -Darryl 10/2011

“Thank you so much for checking in! I had a great time at the Candlelight Flow Yoga class yesterday. Will be back for Zumba later this week:-) All the best,” -Victoria C. 5/2013

Dear Grace Thank you it was so fantastic! Very grateful for the month membership, what an amazing opportunity….I posted a link to your site on my Facebook page,  hopefully that will help spread the word! -Oren B. 1/2012

Good Morning, I would like to share that it was a very pleasant experience in class yesterday, I left the studio with a positive vibe that I was able to reflect on though out my day, this is to me what its all about, thank you so much and I look forward to a rewarding future with Move With GRACE STUDIO. -Hava G. 10/2011

“Just wanted to comment and say that it was a great class! I took the 12pm class on Friday, and the instructor was very patient and helpful. She did a great job coming around and readjusting, and it’s always nice when the instructor does a mini-massage at the end! I’m a Philadelphian, but wanted to say that I’ll be sure to visit when I come back to Brooklyn! Thanks, Dana” -Dana 10/2011

“Yes was one of the best ones I have been to. I really liked that you explained on how to do the poses correctly. Body posture and shoulders and elbows. As well as reminding us to focus on our breathing. Who knew I had been doing the Conrad wrong for so long.” -Monet M. 8/2011

“great class, I will be returning!” -Maria S. 8/2011

“Thank you so much! I enjoyed the class immensely and (maybe it’s in my head) but I actually feel stronger already. I’m going away for a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to being a regular student at Move with Grace.” -Angela 7/2011

“Yes, it was great!  I’ll be back for sure.” -Abigail H. 7/2011

“Thank you for a very lovely class.  The energy at the school is really beautiful, and I’d be delighted to return. Namaste” -Susan K. 6/2011

“Grace, Thanks you were wonderful.  I must also thank Lesley, my good friend, for treating me to your facility.  I immediately responded to your thoughtful and caring manner.  Is it just you Grace or everyone in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area that exhibits such graciousness?  See you I hope soon” -Giovanna M 6/2011

“I LOVED my meditation class! Sunder is amazing, and the technique is amazing, and I feel like a new woman today. Thank so much!” -Lucy 5/2011

“My class yesterday evening was just what I needed. Raquel offered me intelligent cues and adjustments throughout, and seemed to effortlessly create an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility. I left feeling peacefully energized and balanced. I do plan on visiting your studio again, but it’s a long trip from home so unfortunately I won’t be a regular. Keep up the beautiful energy!,” -Keshari D. 4/2011

“Yes, enjoyed the class very much and the lively instructor. Will return next Thursday!” -Avriel 5/2011

“I loved Hot Yoga.  Megan was great, I didn’t feel out of place being new and she was really attentive in making sure I was positioned right and pushing me a little further.  It was just what I needed.  You guys will see me again, that’s for sure. Sincerely,” -Elizabeth S. 3/2011

“Thank you, I did have a really good time and will be back for sure! See you soon,” -Nora A. 10/2010

“Hi! Thanks for offering that free class-it was a really great way for me to get acquainted with my new neighborhood :) I just started classes at nyu so am still trying to figure out where it would make the most sense to join for yoga, I saw you have a college student discount? Either way I really enjoyed your teaching style and will definitely be coming back. Many thanks, paloma” Paloma M 9/2010

Thank you very much! Abby is a great teacher, I really enjoyed the class very much!I am just a passing tourist and that’s why I just popped in once! Have a successful and wonderful time with your studio! Hari OM” -Stefan O. 8/2010

“I really enjoyed the class! I love your technique and the adjustments were so helpful. I look forward to becoming a regular :)” -Heather H. 8/2010

“I enjoyed my class tremendously and plan on coming as often as possible especially in the summer months.” -Claudette 5/2010

“I did enjoy the class, good instruction and it motivated me to exercise today, I look forward to another session soon.” Robert O. 11/2009




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