Q. What should one wear to Yoga class?

A. Close fitting, but comfortable/breathable clothing. We do not recommend oversized t-shirts. We recommend less clothing for hot and power yoga classes. No socks (unless you must wear them for medical reasons) or shoes are needed for yoga. Men usually wear shorts or sweatpants to class.


Q. How should I prepare for a class?

A. Try to eat something light 1-3 hours before class. Out of respect for your peers, please silence your phone and other devices during class. Leave valuables at home, forget about heavy perfume or scents, and try to leave your worries at home too!


Q. Do you provide anything like mats, or towels?

A. Mats are available to rent or purchase if you forget yours. Towels, water and storage for mats are available at fee.


Q. Which classes are best for beginners?

A. We highly recommend you speak to our yoga advisor about which class may be best for you on your first day. All classes are limited to 12 students so that you can practice in an attentive, safe and progressive learning environment. There are several classes (especially community classes) but it all depends on what times you choose to attend class!


Q. What is the difference between Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga?

A. The term “Hatha” is an umbrella term for all that encompasses yoga: Asana (postures), Pranayama (Breathing practice), Meditation, Ayurveda, ect. The word “Vinyasa” can be translated as meaning “linking mechanism”. In a Hatha Class, you will taking a slower and gentler approach to the yoga class and holding postures longer. In a Vinyasa class you will practice anything from heat building poses at a slow to fast pace including but not limited to sun salutations, sequencing & transitions, alignment, breathing, core work and inversions.


Q. I’m not that great at dancing, can i still take Zumba?

A. Absolutely! Zumba and all other classes are about finding a fun, non-judgemental learning experience. We are here to support our community in a non-competitive, healing environment.